Ironwood Taree Australia Review - Green claims re Ironwood

There seems to be some "green" claims made. These include, for example, that "It’s simple. We plant a tree for every tree we use." and "If you buy 6m3 of timber we will have planted 5 trees on your behalf.".


More details on this matter are to follow! We are yet to receive confirmation of some specific details. However, in the meantime, below are some details, images, etc that may help:

Ironwood Taree Australia satellite images

Satellite images, 1997 on the left and 2020 on the right. There seems to have been significant removal of native vegetation or trees. The two patches of vegetation that seem to have been less affected appear to be sensitive regulated land areas on the map below:

regulated lands at Ironwood Taree Australia
Ironwood Taree Australia area cleared of native vegetation for plantation

It seems here that the native vegetation or trees have been "used" (ie cleared and pushed into piles) and then replaced with trees that can be harvested? This is a small example of the site.

burning waste - ironwood taree australia
burning waste - ironwood taree australia
machinery from mill operating on public road near home
machinery from mill operating on public road near home
Ironwood Taree Australia showing mill and trees getting delivers and used

There seems to be a lot of trees getting used? Below is an article from the Manning River Times:

Ironwood Taree Australia article in Manning River Times

So, from the above article, it seems that public money is being given to a private timber mill so that they can allegedly build sheds etc in order to help the environment? This seems to raise various questions? To me, one question I'd like answered is "What happens to the timber if the mill doesn't get public funds?". From the article and image included in the article, it seems that the mill is already getting the timber, so why do they need public money?

Also, there was ample native vegetation (including trees) already growing on the site before clearing that for the plantation?

Some of the 'green' claims seems pretty dubious to me?

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